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Some comments on video on bodybuilding (Intermediate)

Английские аудиокниги бесплатно

1. Read the discussion.

2. Answer the questions after the discussion.

~He has a dope body now, in a few years he'll fuck it up .. Looking like the others bodybuilder with the HGH problem..

~should have been the 202 olympia last year so its not a joke theres 2 fucking weight classes pay attention to the sport before u make comments

~of course he going to win he came in second in 2011 and looked way better than in this video now he is the man and deals with 8 times more than anyone i know hes the best

~lewis can never win the regular olympia the other guys outweigh him by 40 lbs at minimum thats why he is a 202 cause he wants to have a more asthetically pleasing physique instead of looking like a freak, he could win the 202 olympia if thats what u mean

~Ok, now, look at the 2011 202 Mr Olympia and tell me that this is a joke...

I don't, if he will be a Mr Olympia, but he deserves respect!

~What a stupid question

~he looks disgusting

~he should have def won the 202 Olympia this year! Theres always next year to claim it though!

~even if he never wins just qualifiing for mr olympia makes u one of the best bodybuilders in the world so dont mock

~His build looks natural... Why doesn't he compete in mr natural?

~because he takes steroids

~because he's not natural

~he will get there! rome wasnt built in a day!

~you guys hate on him, but he can lift more and kick your ass... so, does that mean anything? It means he is better.

~At Least He´s Getting The 202! And Incredible Incredible Conditioned Physique!

~we'll see Flex.. it's coming soon Mr. Olympia, is gonna be a great show on September

~Yeah, he's not taking steroids.

ha ha ha! You really believe that?

~Ive heard that this guy hasn't taking steroids is that right?

~hes on gear which is obvious in bodybuilding.

~what is the name of that song on the video

~he has the sickest calves i have ever seen in real life!!! he is a really nice guy as well.

~he's qualified for MrO this year, but he's still miles off the big boys, maybe in 5-6 years he'll have a 'chance'

~Flex Lewis is young maybe in 5-6 years will be for sure mr.olimpia thing about it before you guys starting to type a comment you haters.

~Why would you wanna look like this? To me it looks kinda gross no offense :P

~Flex always looks great and Jean awesome bodybuilder. The fact that he is only 27 means he has plenty of time. Still, he probably wont ever be Mr. Olympia. Flex still hasn't finished better than 3rd in 202. He is also too small at only 5'5. Dexter Jackson was lucky to have won it and is 5'6. And yes I am sitting in front of my computer. But Im a bodybuilder and am an avid follower of the sport. I don't need to be as big as flex to know david henry has a better shot at Mr. O

~his symmetry is flawless

~flex lewis would destroy the 202 division easy but up against guys like jay, Phil, branch and Dennis wolf he wouldn't have a chance

~Oh now don't diss him he's got a chance like anyone else!

~lewis is one of those guys today who got the "old system"s shape!!

~lewis definition and balance are amazing he is Definitely in the running for a mr O some day even if he's a 202 competitor

~such a beast

~the olympia 202 is perfect form him but the normal... i dont think so.. he´s a little bit to small :s with 165/166 he isn might be the tallest bodybuilder to get mass on this size :S

~The Real Loch Ness Monster!!

~Flex lewis is like a baby jesus

~Yessssssss!!!! Flex winner the future mr.olympia - 95kg!

~crazy forearms!

~wuts the name of the song on this video??

~he looks fucking huge now as compared to when in this video

~i want his forearm's!

~is there anyone who has won more shows or has a better shape giving this guy shit?? i think the computer geeks are at it again..?

~All you jerks hating on him are faggots, this man is still young and has a bright future, I will laugh at all you's if he gets mr olympia one year. This fella is the reason i started training, And i stand by gaspari products.

~Flex isnt that bad, but I sure dont believe all the hype weider publishing has thrown out there on how is the next phenom just because he has the cover look they love. He's good, but so is all of his competition. Heck, there are even better, stronger, and alot cooler guys than him coming out of the UK and euro scene these days.


~Future Mr. Olympia? Is that a joke?

~yeah, it's a joke...

~I figured there was some humor in there, lol.

~how is this a joke?

~great phisique but not for olympia..

~ye for under 202 pound you donkey, hes only about 25 years old still a baby in bodybuilding years get it right

~why the fuck not?

~how is it a joke??

~Why is it a joke? The guy is young and is already moving up the 202 ladder. Sooner or later he will compete at openweight and he will have a shot by the time hes 40 or so.


1. What (or who) is this discussion mainly about?

2. Explain in your own easy words the following phrases:

- HGH problem

- Incredible Conditioned Physique

- he’s on gear which is obvious in bodybuilding

- he's still miles off the big boys

- Oh now don't diss him!

- don’t believe all the hype!

- lol

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Английские аудиокниги бесплатно

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