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Some comments on video from youtube by Joe Vitale speaking about the secret of life productivity (Intermediate)

Английские аудиокниги бесплатно

1. Read the discussion.

2. Answer the questions after the discussion.

~...Productivity is a result of Efficiency, and not just energy efficiency like a few are talking right now, but COMPLETE efficiency... if you don't know the Baselines of your business how can you improve it?... if your equipment is not kept and operated properly how can you depend on it?... if your organization has no good workers communication & training how can you get people to do the right things?... get it? Process, Equipment, Personel, the core elements....

The comments here are simply amazing :)

~i heard he vacuums in his classroom


~This is so true!

~Why did he have to go to the woods to tell us what we all ready know?

~that's quite funny LOL

~This is so true, Joe. It's like an angel landing on your shoulder and whispering into your ear....a SECRET God wants the world to know...but you get first dibs! Take action!

~I bet he likes cake.

~His nipple is showing. Is that "the secret" ? No no, wait.. the secret is where the dog pile is in the background. No no no, wait.. the secret is how much he weighs? I'm so bad at this... oh well...

~Blessings to you, always.

~Hi practicalmetaphysics

I always enjoy watching your videos and I will be back again to watch more soon as they really are of top quality.

Cheers to your success.

~the great secret is that you create everything in your life, and everything you say, think, feel and act upon becomes you're life. so when you say "you suck" to someone that vibration is sent back to you, therefore people think YOU suck and treat you with no respect because you are damning one of god's creations, but you are one of god's creations too, you're just brainwashed with fear, uncertainty, hate, resentment, and lack of fundamental knowledge.

~So where do we start? If I have realised what you have described as my condition (which i definately have), how do I start to shift my awareness/heal myself/teach myself to be unfearful, certain, loving, wise? (I feel my lack of awareness and fundamental knowledge started with repressed anger and resentment as a child growing up, i feel because of this i have not allowed myself to learn, experience and enjoy life as much as i wish i could) any advice would be deeply appreciated

~that's the type of ignorant worldview that perpetuates all this separateness and violence

~He says 'NO NOTES IN FRONT OF HIM' yet he keeps looking down to his right!!!

~It may bee type of NLP technique facilitating remembering.

~omg! I didnt realize that I was the only person n this world who would be thinking exactly the same thing too...wow amazing!!!!!!!!!!

~cute dog!!! : )

~The Secret movie mentions there are abundant resources. But Dr. Joe Vitale mentions it's important to grab an opportunity quickly before others do. Why is it always important to compete with others?

~I don't think he is saying to compete with others but rather to move without hesitation toward that which call you forward. I thin he is simply saying to trust what feels good to you and to act on it. Good Stuff!!

~I believe that Joe is saying this MOTIVATES him into action. What if he know the idea was given to several on the planet and he just yawns and says... "Oh well, I don't have to lift a finger. Someone else will take care of this for all of us." Where would we all be without Joe taking action and being productive??

I understand if no action is taken towards what inspires us, then we lose some efficiency in being in alignment. The main thing is to be vibrationally equivalent to the essence of the thing we want. Taking action should be last in the creation process. People often take action as a first step and that's not efficient....

~Excellent! You are extremely generous in your giving to others. Thank you so much! The dog was adorable, too.

~blah blah, what a crock

~This guy rocks.

~A Doctor my ass! What a con artist! This bozo is playing on the insecurities of people! If you want to know how to be wealthy?!?!?!? Don't send this dumbass any of your money!

~you obviously DON';T need this guy...you are wayyy too happy.

~yes, when you get an idea you must act upon it.. How many ppl really do that?


~Secret to productivity: do it for fun, stop being attached to making money or achieving your goals. Let the universe provide and take action because its fun.

~Joe always makes it so clear. Here, he has done it again. Act in faith knowing that if the idea came to you, it is destined to happen. If you don't act on it, someone else will. How many times have we seen that happen? Great stuff! Thanks Joe. Thanks Pat.

~I like it too :)

~Wow, it's so coincidental that I came across this video. I remember having the SAME belief occur to me, out of the blue, in my early twenties, that when a brand new idea happens, it happens to more than just you. But you have to run with it, or else--well, YOU know...

~Hey, If you are into Joe Vitale I highly recommend his most recent book, The Key. It is full of clearing techniques for changing your subconscious mind, the main thing in manifesting. Since I have started applying the clearing techniques in his book I have seen great manifesting results. Love bless you.

~Is this the same book as the one entitled Zero Limits? I just read Zero limits, I think the cleaning that I've been applying in multiple instances is working! I have used it to affect stressed-out co-workers in a positive way. It seems I got a knack for using it.

I Love You. I'm Sorry (---). Please Forgive Me (---). Thank You. I Love You. Can't get any better or easier than that.

~please...in spanish. I am american latin.


1. What (or who) is this discussion mainly about?

2. Explain in your own easy words the following phrases:


- but you get first dibs

- omg!

- what a crock!

- This guy rocks!

- What a con artist!

- bozo

- FO!

- It seems I got a knack for using it.

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